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    Ship Classification is a mechanism by which the international shipping industry regulates itself. Ship Classification implies development of rules (standards) for the construction and maintenance of a ship’s structure and essential engineering system and implementation of such rules in new building and existing ships to ensure the safety of the ships.

    We Have developed the Rules for the Ship Classification for existing ships, to ensure the safety of the ships. Following classification services are offered:

    • Class Certificate (Hull & Machinery/Electric)

    • Service Supplier Approval Certificates

    • Monitoring Under Water Survey (UWS)

    • Witness for the Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

    • Enhance Survey Program (ESP)

    • Hull and Machinery / P&I Surveys

    • Dry Dock/ Bottom Surveys

    • Pre-Purchase Survey


    Maintenance of Class PMDS Classification is assured by the system of periodic surveys to determine continued compliance with its Rules. These include various surveys of hull and machinery on a continuing basis.


    Existing ships, not built under PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC. (PMDS Class) supervision, can also be classed with us only after ensuring conformity with our Rules, maintaining the same cycle of classification.

    Statutory services are provided by PMDS surveyors & auditors, in compliance with the applicable requirements of International Regulations from IMO/ILO and national regulations from Maritime Administrations that authorizes PMDS to act on their behalf.

    PMDS is authorized to provide Survey and statutory certification services
    • Tonnage

    • MLC, 2006

    • IMO Codes

    • IAFS

    • Ships less tan 500GT

    • SOLAS

    • MARPOL

    • Load Line

    • Exemptions / Authorization Letters / Dry Dock Extensions / Special Permits

    • ISM Code

    • ISPS Code

    • Statement of Compliance on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM-SOC)

    • Remote surveys

    • MODU/MOU

        Manuals & Plan Approvals are also conducted by specialized technical Staff
        • Garbage Management Manual Approval

        • Cargo Securing Manual Approval

        • Ship-to-Ship Transfer Manual Approval

        • Damage Control Plan Approval

        • Operations Manual Approval

        • ODMCS

        • General Arrangement Plan

        • SOPEP Approval

        • Ballast Water Management Plan Approval

        • Trim & Stability Booklet Approval

        • Ship Security Plan

        • Fire & Safety Plans

        • Procedures and Arrangements Manual Approval

        • SMPEP Approval

            PMDS Class offers the following approval for service suppliers

            Service supplier” (a service supplier or a category of service supplier may be referred to hereafter simply as “supplier”) means a person or a company not employed by PMDS who, at the request of an equipment manufacturer, a shipyard, a Ship-owner or another client, acts in connection with inspection work and provides services for a ship or a mobile offshore unit such as measurements, tests or maintenance of safety systems and equipment, the results of which are used by surveyors, taking decisions affecting classification or statutory certifications and services.

            • Service suppliers engaged in thickness measurements on ships or mobile offshore units

            • Service suppliers engaged in tightness testing of hatches with ultrasonic equipment

            • Service suppliers carrying out an in-water survey on ships and mobile offshore units

            • Service suppliers engaged in inspections and maintenance of fire-extinguishing equipment and systems

            • Service suppliers engaged in servicing on inflatable liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, hydrostatic release units, inflatable rescue boat

            • Service suppliers engaged in the inspections and testing of radio communication equipment or Radio Technician

            • Service suppliers engaged in inspections and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus

            • Service suppliers engaged in inspections and testing of inventory list of hazardous materials

            • Firms engaged on servicing of immersion suits, thermal protective aids, chemical protective suits

            Contact us to get in touch with the PMDS Class Approved service suppliers nearest to you.

            PANAMA MARITIME DOCUMENTATION SERVICES INC. (PMDS Class) activities are supported by specialized technical staff as marine engineers, naval architects and supporting staff in the Head Office and around the world, to provide other services as:

            Syndeseas Cooperation for the implementation of MARPOL Amendments

            PMDS Class and Syndeseas have been working together to provide integrated software to the PMDS´s fleet for the Fuel Consumption Data Collection (IMO DCS & EU-MRV).

            Under this agreement, we can offer a service tailored to our client´s needs and in compliance with the requirements of the Maritime Administrations that authorize PMDS Class as Recognized Organization and new MARPOL Amendments.

            The following services are offered:

            • Assessment in the preparation of SEEMP Part II, SEEMP Part III, CII rating, EEXI Technical File, Onboard Management Manual (in case of EPL), witnessing by Class/Engine technicians for the ship documents necessary to comply with the MARPOL Amendments.
            • Review and approval of SEEMP Part II & SEEMP Part III
            • Review and approval of EEXI Technical File and Onboard Management Manual
            • Annual verification of IMO DCS data, assign relevant CII rating, EEXI.
            • Ship/Company audits/verifications

            The Panama Maritime Group offer associated services to the maritime community, to assist our clients in the compliance with the coming regulations. Our independent specialized expertise includes:

            • Pre-purchase inspections

            • Hull and Machinery / P&I Surveys

            • P&I Inspections

            • Safety Management Systems based on the ISM Code

            • Ship Superintendence

            • 2nd party audit services

            • Advisory on elaboration of manuals, plans, systems and others based on the ISPS Code, MLC, 2006, SOLAS, MARPOL and other regulations.

            • ISO 9001: 2015 consultancies in the development of Quality Management Systems.

            • Seaworthiness Certificate for Single Voyages for scrap, for delivery and drydock.

            Specialized Training for Surveyors

            PMDS Class have developed a platform for the provision of on-site and Long Distance Training Courses s per RO Code Modules for Surveyors.

            Panama Maritime Group is offering the specialized training course for surveyors:

            • Hong Kong Convention & EU-SRR requirements, for the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM).
            • ISM Code
            • ISPS Code
            • MLC, 2006
            • Commercial Yachts
            • IMO DCS & Data collection
            • SEEMP Part III, CII, EEDI & EEXI
            • Others
            Ship Calculations
            • Freeboard Calculation Booklet (ILLC)

            • Tonnage Calculation Booklet (ITC)

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