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Requirements for being appointed

as PMDS Surveyor
  • A PMDS SURVEYOR is a person authorized to carry our surveys and to conclude whether or not compliance has been achieved. PMDS surveyors sign an Exclusive Agreement with PMDS Class, to act on its behalf, based on his/her qualification.

  • The employment of a NEW PMDS CLASS SURVEYOR will be limited to locations, which are not easily served by other authorized PMDS Class Surveyors. For this, PMDS has Cooperation Agreements with another Class Societies to share surveyors, in compliance with the established requirements.

  • The suitability of the PMDS Class SURVEYOR is to be determined before engagement, either:

  • By direct assessment of a qualified PMDS CLASS SURVEYOR, and

  • By a previous demonstrated suitability to provide a proper service.

  • Documents required to apply as a PMDS CLASS SURVEYOR:

  • A degree or other equivalent document, within a relevant field of marine engineering, naval architecture or physical science issued by a Recognized Institution, or

  • A qualification from a suitable marine or nautical institution, and relevant seagoing experience as a certified ship officer, five (5) years minimum of seagoing experience, or

  • At least five (5) years of experience in relevant areas to technical or operational aspects, such as:

  • Ship’s classification and statutory surveys, or

  • Experience as a superintendent or ship manager, or

  • Suitable work experience relevant to procedures, that he or she is authorized to perform.

  • Proficiency in the English language commensurate with the scope of statutory certification and services.

  • Completed a recognized ISM/ISO auditor course.

  • Completed a recognized ISPS auditor/CSO/SSO course.

  • Completed a recognized MLC, 2006 Training course. In PMA cases, the MLC, 2006 training course shall be conducted by ILO Train the trainer.

  • Other specialized training courses in the IMO Codes and Conventions.

  • In the evaluation process of suitability and qualification of the applicant, the following may also be taken in consideration:

  • Experience of class-related work, as stated in the resume or other document, and

  • Previous statutory training [e.g. SOLAS, MARPOL, LOAD LINE, IOPP, ETC, as stated on IMO Resolution A 789 (19), and R.O. Code, ANNEX I] given by a classification society or recognized organization.

  • To be authorized as auditor under the requirements of the International Safety Management Code, the applicant shall be trained in all the modules of the Annex I of the RO Code, except 2E (Tonnage).

  • Proposal for the employment as a PMDS CLASS SURVEYOR along with resume, detailing educational background and experience, must be forwarded to PMDS CLASS-HEAD OFFICE for its consideration, including the following documents:

  • Application/Updating Form for Marine Surveyor/Maritime Auditor with digital photos

  • Updated resume

  • Copy supporting training courses

  • Documented experience on previous class and statutory surveys.

  • Other certifications or relevant documentation, issued by classification society recognized organization.

  • PMDS Technical Department will review the application and supporting documents to determine the scope of authorizations of the SURVEYOR.

  • Continuous updating is mandatory as circumstances dictate in the knowledge understanding and interpretation of the maritime conventions/regulations.

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Application form and supporting documents shall be forwarded

to PMDS class-head office

Panama Maritime Building, 78E Street, San Francisco, No. 30, Panama, Republic of Panama


(507) 226-6555

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