Golden Safety Rules

Golden Safety Rules

The Golden Safety Rules were developed by the Together in Safety Coalition following a detailed review of fatal incident reports across all sectors of the shipping industry. They comprise 10 straightforward to apply and easy to understand areas, for every company and every seafarer to adopt in their everyday work to prevent injuries and fatalities. They cover activities that are most likely to lead to fatalities and serious injury and focus on the areas that an individual has control over, including enclosed space entry, fall prevention, energy isolation and working over water.

The Rules have been designed to complement existing management systems and procedures, but do not replace these. They are designed to help keep seafarers safe and are applicable to everyone who works on a ship.

Dr Grahaeme Henderson OBE, Chair of Together in Safety, said: “Shipping is fundamental to the world economy and safety must be our top priority. The Golden Safety Rules are a first for the shipping industry and will further support our efforts, to stop the large number of unnecessary serious injuries and fatalities that occur each day, due to events that could and should have been avoided.

The Human Impact

IOGP estimates that between 2008-2017, 376 people lost their lives in fatal incidents that might have been prevented by following one of IOGP’s Life-Saving Rules.

According to the International Group of P&I Clubs, there have been 83 deaths in enclosed spaces in the 5 P&I policy years to 2019. 858 injuries and 31 deaths have occurred on mooring decks in the 5 P&I policy years to 2021.

Start Safe!

While the more traditional view of safety empowers you to stop any unsafe activity, equally important is your start-work authority.

Whatever you are doing, however routine or minor, you should always take time to start safe. A useful acronym to start safe is SHARK:

STOP & THINK – Do I understand the task?

HAZARD SPOT – Are there any Health, Safety or Environmental hazards present?

ASSESS THE RISKS – Could I, or my colleagues, or the environment be harmed?

REACT – Do I know how to stop work if needed, and what are the emergency procedures to follow?

KEEP SAFE – I must watch for any changes in conditions as I complete the task.


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