Use of AIS and/or LRIT onboard Fishing Vessels

Use of AIS and/or LRIT onboard fishing vessels

The Panama Maritime Authority issued the MMC-400, which replaces MMC-397 on the fishing vessels requirements.  MMC-400 is based in the requirements of the Resolution No. 106-077-DGMM.


The purpose of the merchant marine circular is to notify the mandatory use onboard fishing vessels with an international registry certificate, wherever they are, including Panamanian jurisdictional waters of:

  • AIS (Automatic Identification System); and/or
  • LRIT (Long-Range Identification Tracking System

This General Directorate considers it appropriate to establish the positioning equipment that these vessels must use in order to guarantee the safety of human life at sea and avoid possible acts of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing.




  • FVS-SR have been modified to include questions related to the compliance with the new resolution and avoid detentions to be verified in all the survey scopes.
  • It is recommended to communicate to owners, operators or clients, about the compliance with the Resolution No. 106-077-DGMM and requirements:
    • Sanctions
    • Conformance Test of the LRIT system
    • Position reports per day
    • Others, as applicable


Source MMC-400 PMA


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