Ref. TD-IMM-GOB001R1:

The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) with the aim to eliminate sub-standard shipping within our fleet and to continuously improve our performance in the Paris MoU, has revoked its existing Paris MoU Policy “Circular Letter No. TD/IMM/GOB001-17″ and replace it with a reissued Paris MoU Policy TD-IMM-GOB001-24 in its latest revision. The new policy seeks to provide clear instructions to all operators and RO/RSOs of ships trading or intending to trade in the Paris MoU. It is expected that the reissued policy will deter vessels from being detained in the first instance and streamlining actions to be taken and to prevent repeated detention of vessels calling Paris MoU ports.


IMMARBE would like to encourage all shipowners and operators; recognized organizations, deputy registrars etc. to take note of the contents of this Circular and its attachment and to bring it to the attention of all concerned parties and to ensure its provisions are enforced on board vessels registered at IMMARBE.


This Policy shall take immediate effect and shall consider the following:


  1. New Registration of vessels intending to operate in the Paris MoU.
  2. Notice of Warning and Occasional Survey Program for vessels detained in the Paris MoU.
  3. Ro and Owner/Operator Responsibilities.
  4.  Non compliance
  5. Vessels operating in the Paris MoU not subjected to the Occasional Survey Program.

This Technical Circular state the following:

  • Any vessel detained in the Paris MoU will be served with a Notice of Warning and shall immediately enter to the occasional survey program. The vessel will be subjected to an occasional survey in accordance with the following scenarios:
    • The first occasional survey shall be done at the Port of detention.
    • The Second occasional survey:
      • If the mandatory survey is to be done after the detention, the Second Occasional survey will be together with the mandatory survey.
      • If the mandatory survey was completed before the detention, the second occasional survey shall be performed 6 months after the last mandatory survey to ensure that the survey matches with the next mandatory survey.
      • After the Second occasional survey, all occasional surveys will be performed every 6 months thereafter until the program is complete in 24 months.
    • The Occasional Survey shall be completed by the RO in charge of the Statutory Certification. In cases of mixed ROs, the RO in charge of the Statutory certificates will remain in charge of the Occasional Survey Program.
    • Upon satisfactory completion of the Occasional Survey, the RO shall issue a Statement Compliance (SOC) with a validity of six (6) months confirming the satisfactory result of the Occasional Survey performed.
    • The Occasional survey can be advanced to make it concurrent with the annual, intermediate, or renewal survey, but it may not be delayed for these same reasons.
    • The Scope of the Occasional survey shall be equivalent to an annual mandatory survey in compliance with International and National requirements. In cases where deficiencies are found, the RO must report the findings to IMMARBE with evidence of corrective actions.


Vessels Operating in the Paris MoU not subjected to the Occasional Survey Program.

All Belize registered vessels operating within Paris MoU Area or intending to call any Paris MoU Port shall comply with all requirements stated in our Merchant Marine Notice MMN-19-006 (revised), MMN-23-001 and MMN-23-006 (see reference below) in the latest version regarding PSC Analysis of Detentions and submit:

  • relevant PSC Checklist
  • Crew List and/or
  • Latest PSC Inspection Report (Form A and B)

within the time frame stated in the applicable notice, directly to IMMARBE Technical Department technicalservices@immarbe.com  and inspections@immarbe.com  prior to proceeding to any Paris MoU Port.


Ref. MMN-19-006 (revised):  Self Inspection Program

To improve its PSC performance, the Belize Maritime Administration has launched its MMN-19-006, as revised, which provides instructions to prevent deficiencies and/or detentions.


A Self-Inspection Checklist must be submitted to IMMARBE’s Technical Department within the first 5 days of each month for all vessel’s operating in the Tokyo MoU. Vessels operating outside of the Tokyo MoU (Paris, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Indian MoU) shall submit their self-inspection report by the 15th of each month.


Please refer to the MMN-19-006 as revised for the proper compliance with the IMMARBE requirements.



  • TD-IMM-GOBE001r1-24 established fines when any vessel fails to complete the occasional survey program. Refer to item 4 and 5.
  • This policy has immediate effect.

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