Garbage Record Book

Garbage Record Book

The Action Plan to address marine plastic litter from ships included a proposal to review the application of placards, garbage management plans and garbage record-keeping, and for example, to make the Garbage Record Book mandatory for ships of 100 Gt and above.


The revised paragraph under Regulation 10 of MARPOL Annex V states that – Every ship of 100 gross tonnage and above and every ship which is certified to carry 15 or more persons engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of another Party to the Convention and every fixed or floating platform shall be provided with a Garbage Record Book.


Further, an entry will be required to be made in the Garbage Record Book in the event of any accidental discharge/loss of garbage.



  • With effect from 01 May 2024, all vessels of 100 GT and above (as against existing requirements of 400 GT and above) will be required to keep a Garbage Record book on-board.
  • PMDS surveyors shall be familiarized with the Resolution MEPC.360(79) on the amendments to MARPOL Annex V.
  • Owners/ managers to ensure that crew is aware of above revised requirements and that the Garbage Record Book is supplied and maintained on vessels of 100 GT and above.
  • There is an additional amendment related to the Regulation 8 “Reception Facilities” related to Member States.

Additional documentation will be reviewed during the survey (Renewal, Annual, Intermediate):

  1. The Garbage Management Plan was available on board.
  2. The Garbage Record Books was entered complying with the requirements.
  3. Procedures for collecting, storing, processing and disposing garbage.
  4. Procedures for the use of the equipment available on board for the treatment of Garbage.
  5. Use as guidelines for survey the PPG survey report in accordance with the provisions of Annex V of the MARPOL 73/78.

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