MSA Annual meeting 2023 – PMDS Report

MSA Annual meeting 2023 – PMDS Report

PMDS Technical Manager, Eng. Xavier Varcasia, presented the PMDS Report of his participation in the MSA Annual Meeting of Foreign Classification Societies, conducted on 7 December 2023.


This year the Maritime Safety Administration of China (MSA China), selected the city of Taizhou, Jiangsu, considering the volume of new constructions and the development of large number of services to the maritime industry.


Mr. Varcasia was accompanied by the PMDS PIC, Mr. ChenJinxian and the PMDS Operations Manager, Ms. Nadiuska Acevedo.


The PMDS Report summarize the topics discussed during the MSA Annual meeting,  with special attention in the RO performance in the Tokyo MoU within the 2023.


The MSA China is interested in the improvement of the maritime activities and the control of the fleet attended by the different classification societies and RO´s, requesting special attention in the following aspects:

  • Improvement of the RO performance
  • Control and supervision of the inspections/audits
  • Improvement in the compliance of the RO Quality Management System
  • Increase the training for the surveyors, at least, 19 hours of training per year.
  • PIC responsibilities as regulated
  • Review and implementation of proper corrective actions
  • Improvement of the communication with the MSA China
  • The 3 important pillars for MSA are Security, Services and Innovation


The PMDS Report includes information of the statistics presented by the MSA, related to the Port State Control performance per RO, ground for detentions, defect types and others, in order to establish control measurements for the improvement of the activities in China.




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