Amendments to FSS Code

Amendments to FSS Code

 Amendments to chapter 15 of the International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code), relating to inert gas systems. 

MSC 100 had approved draft amendments to chapter 15 (Inert gas systems) of the FSS Code, concerning inert gas lines and related indicators and alarms for monitoring the pressure of the inert gas mains.


The term ‘forward of’ used in paragraphs, and of chapter 15 of the FSS Code is in contradiction with MSC.1/Circ. 1582 (Unified Interpretation of Chapter 15 of the FSS Code.


The term “forward of’ is amended to read ‘downstream of’ to avoid misunderstanding on design requirement of inert gas system.


The amendments provide clarity and will not have any impact on existing ships.



Chapter 9 of the International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code)

IMO agreed to develop fault isolation requirements for individually identifiable fire detector systems (installed in lieu of section identifiable fire detector systems) on cargo ships and passenger ship cabin balconies.


The following new paragraph 2.1.8 is inserted after existing paragraph 2.1.7: “2.1.8 In cargo ships and on passenger ship cabin balconies, where an individually identifiable system is fitted, notwithstanding the provisions in paragraph, isolator modules need not be provided at each fire detector if the system is arranged in such a way that the number and location of individually identifiable fire detectors rendered ineffective due to a fault would not be larger than an equivalent section in a section identifiable system, arranged in accordance with paragraph 2.4.1.”


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