CIC on Fire Safety

CIC on Fire Safety

The Paris and Tokyo MoU´s agreed to run a CIC on the topic of fire safety.

The CIC will be carried out between 1 September and 30 November and will be covered by an additional questionnaire during routine port state inspections.


The purpose of the CIC on Fire Safety is to ensure that:


  • To assess that firefighting systems and equipment comply with the relevant requirements, that the master and crew members are familiar with operations relating to fire safety, and that equipment is properly maintained and functioning.



  • Owners/managers should make sure their crews are informed about the planned CIC and which items are expected to be important. Special attention should be paid to these items during maintenance, to ensure a proper condition of the vessel.


  • As deficiencies in fire safety can often be traced to shortcomings in the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS), the efficient use of the SMS should be emphasized.


  • PMDS surveyors are requested to increase the verification of the CIC checklists items to avoid PSC detentions related to the RO.


  • Please contact us to obtain the applicable CIC Checklist.

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