PMDS High Performance in the Tokyo MoU 2022

PMDS High Performance in the Tokyo MoU 2022

The Tokyo MoU published the Annual Report on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region (Tokyo MoU).


The main objectives of the Memorandum are to establish an effective port State control regime in the Asia-Pacific region through co-operation of its members, harmonization of the members’ activities, to eliminate substandard shipping, to promote maritime safety and security, to protect the marine environment and to safeguard seafarers’ working and living conditions on board ships.



In 2022, 24,894 inspections, involving 15,853 individual ships, were carried out on ships registered under 99 flags.  There were 12,678 inspections where ships were found with deficiencies.



PMDS achieved High Performance Level in the Tokyo MoU for the last three years (2020-2022), due to all the measures taken by the PMDS Technical Department for the improvement of the fleet performance.   Table 13 shows the Performance of Recognized Organizations.



Please refer to additional information included in the annual report, for the analysis and to take additional measures during the ship´s inspections.


Figures (2022)

  • Figure 7+8 Deficiencies by main categories
  • Figure 15+16 Comparison of inspections per ship type
  • Figure 18 Comparison of number of deficiencies by main categories
  • Figure 19 Comparison of most frequent detainable deficiencies


Tables (2022)

  • Table 7 Deficiencies by categories
  • Table 8 Black – Grey – White Lists
  • Table 13 Performance of Recognized Organization
  • Table 14 Comparison of deficiencies by categories
  • Table 15 Comparison of most frequent detainable deficiencies
  • Table 16 List of under-performing ships

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