Measurements to reduce PSC detentions

Measurements to reduce PSC detentions

The Panama Maritime Authority established additional measurements to reduce Port State Control detentions, to improve the performance of the Panama flagged vessels.  It is necessary to improve the identification of any poorly maintained ship, categorized or has reached a condition that could be judged as sub-standard ship, to reduce the deficiencies and detentions.


The MMC-380 established an Occasional Survey to be implemented by the recognized organization from April 15th, 2023, as per the following process:


  1. Identification of risk or high-risk vessels
  2. Surveyors shall coordinate the authorization for the Occasional survey with the PMDS HO.
  3. Occasional survey will be carried out by the RO that issues the SMC.
  4. This occasional survey must be carried out prior to arrive or at the time of arrival to the USCG, Paris MoU, AMSA or MSA China using the Occasional Survey Report (OS-SR).
  5. When the occasional survey is completed, the RO shall issue the Declaration of Compliance of the Occasional Survey (DOC-OS) valid for 6 months and it shall be sent to the PMA-Navigation Department along with the survey report.
  6. Any deficiency found at the time of the occasional survey shall be rectified as soon as possible.

Ref. Risk and High-Risk vessels & occasional survey

  • Ship with history of PSC inspection in the last 24 months evidencing a breach on the applicable international regulations, regardless of its year of construction.
  • Ship older than 15 years of construction and considered with a high-risk factor by the USCG, Paris MoU and the Tokyo MoU.

Occasional Survey: An occasional survey must cover all conditions related to security, pollution prevention, maritime safety, living condition and compliance with all national and international regulations applicable to the vessel, equivalent to Mandatory Annual Surveys. If deficiencies are found at the time of the occasional survey, such deficiencies shall be rectified as soon as possible.


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