Requirements for the immersion suits

Requirements for the immersion suits

Requirements have been established in the Panama Merchant Marine MMC-144  and IMO regulations for the immersion suits.


Panama Circular MMC-144 was modified as follow:

  • For use during drills, a sufficient number of immersion suits not kept in airtight packaging are to be carried onboard. The assigned number of suits should be identified according to the ship´s safety management system.
  • For immersion suit and anti-exposure suit seams and closures, air pressure test is to be conducted at three years intervals by an authorized service station, and annually for suits over ten years of age by an authorized service provider according to MSC/Circ.1114
  • MMC-165 was cancelled and topics included in MMC-144 Immersion suits requirement, inspection, and service.


During the inspection of the CSSE, it is necessary to verify if the service supplier used for the inspection of the immersion suits is approved or accepted by the Recognized Organization.


List of services suppliers is available in the section Services/Services Suppliers of this Webpage.


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