SEEMP PART III / CII / EEDI & EEXI Implementation

SEEMP PART III / CII / EEDI & EEXI Implementation

MARPOL Annex VI amendments entered into force on 1 November 2022 (to be verified from 1 January 2023).


PMDS offers assessment services for the implementation of the new regulations, by specialized associated staff:

  • Development of SEEMP Part III.
  • CII calculations
  • In case of noncompliance with the required CII, assessment in the implementation of Corrective Action Plan and applicable measures.
  • EEXI assessment and preparation of the Technical File
  • Assessment in the preparation of the Onboard Management Manual
  • In case of noncompliance with the required EEXI, we can offer an assessment, follow up and support by Class/Engine technician until its compliance.


As Recognized Organization, PMDS offers all the certification services associated to the new regulations of the MARPOL Annex VI:

  • Review and approval of the SEEMP Part III for the issuance of COC
  • Annual verification for IMO DCS data
  • SEEMP Part II COC and SOC
  • Ships and company audits (periodical and additional) when applicable
  • Approval of the EEXI Technical File
  • Approval of the Onboard Management Manual, when applicable.
  • Statutory surveys for the IAPP and IEEC as per amendments.
  • Training on the Energy Efficiency regulations and MARPOL Annex VI amendments

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