PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaign

PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaign starting on 1 September 2022



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Paris and Tokyo MoU´s will jointly launch a new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) from 1 September to 30 November 2022.

The PSC regimes will maintain their focus on crew certification and competencies, as they have done for more than two years now during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Managers, manning offices, Officers, and crew onboard should be prepared to address the PSC CIC successfully. Appendix 11 of IMO Res. A.1155 (32) includes specific guidance for PSC inspections on Certification of Seafarers, Manning, and Hours of Rest.


The purpose of the Inspection Campaign is to determine the level of compliance with the requirements of STCW on board. As per the new revised guidance for PSC, issued by IMO Res. A.1155(32) “Procedures for Port State Control, 2021”, the PSCOs will focus on specific related items of Appendix 11 “Guidelines for Port State Control Officers on certification of seafarers, manning and hours of rest”. This means that PSCOs will not limit inspections only to a typical certification check, but they will expand their focus on the evaluation of the Master, officers and crew’s competences when performing duties and during emergency scenarios.


IMO Res. A1155(32) – Appendix 11 Focus Points

As per Appendix 11, the PSCO will focus on 3 basic issues.

  • Seafarer certification
  • Manning
  • Hours of Rest

Additionally, depending on ship’s overall PSC performance and the existence of clear grounds for more detailed inspection , PSCOs may require the demonstration of competency of each crew member. In that regard, they will check competences of the Master, officers and crew when performing duties and during emergency scenarios.

Documentation Required

The documentation required for the inspection referred to in these Guidelines consists of:

1.Seafarer certification

  • certificate of competency.
  • certificate of proficiency.
  • endorsement attesting the recognition of a certificate (flag State endorsement);
  • documentary evidence (passenger ships only);
  • medical certificate.
  1. Manning
  • minimum safe manning document.
  • muster list.

3.Hours of rest

  • table of ship working arrangements and/or watch schedule; and
  • records of daily hours of rest.

The inspection will be limited to verification that seafarers serving on board, who are required to be certificated, hold the appropriate CoC, CoP and documentary evidence issued in accordance with chapters II, III, IV, V, VI and VII of STCW 1978, as amended, as well as their relevant flag State endorsement, valid dispensation, or documentary proof that an application for an endorsement has been submitted to the flag State Administration, where applicable. These documents are evidence of having successfully completed all required training and that the required standard of competence has been achieved. During the verification of the seafarers’ certificates and documents, the PSCO will confirm that they are applicable to the ship’s characteristics, operation, and their position on board.


In relation to the Manning the PSCO will verify that the numbers and certificates of the seafarers serving on board are in conformity with the applicable safe manning requirements of the flag State; and that the vessel and its personnel conform to the international provisions as laid down in SOLAS 1974 and STCW 1978, as amended.


For the hours of rest, the PSCOs will examine the applicable documents, specifically the watch schedule and the records of daily hours of rest. The PSCO may inspect the seafarer’s personal copy of his or her records pertaining to the hours of rest being held by the seafarer on board to verify that the records are accurate.


Source: Safety4sea.com