Shanghai MSA launched a 3-month CIC on propulsion and auxiliary machinery




Following a serious collision accident taking place in Deep Water Fairway of Changjiangkou (CJK) off Shanghai in December 2020, Shanghai Maritime Administration (“Shanghai MSA”) issued a Safety Notice to urge all ships to undertake thorough testing and rectify all the defects/deficiencies so as to make sure that propulsion and auxiliary machinery are in good order prior to departure from the berth or arrival in the restricted waters.


Shanghai MSA launched a 3-month CIC on propulsion and auxiliary machinery, commencing from 15 March 2021 and ending on 15 June 2021, to avoid similar failures and prevent accidents occurring.


PSCOs /FSCOs will carry out detailed inspections to verify critical areas for the steering gear, main propulsion machinery, generator, the emergency source of electrical power and its alarm systems, crew familiarization, and operational controls.


Any defects found should be corrected before the vessel departs the wharf or arrives in the high-density traffic water.


If any malfunction arising such defects subsequently occurs and impacts upon the vessel´s safe navigation in any respects, it will be thoroughly investigated.


Panama Flag Administration issued the Merchant Marine Notice No. MMN-09/2021 to provide information to ship-owners, operators, and masters on the MSA Safety Notice regarding PSC-CIC in the Shanghai territory.


Contact our Technical Department technicals@panamamaritime.com to report any malfunction.