Amendments will enter into force in 2020

Amendments will enter into force in 2020

There are several amendments are undergoing, however, important requirements are being introduced which will enter into force from 1 January 2020, most of them mandatory.

Below you will find some of the amendments made to the Conventions.

  • SOLAS Chapter II-2 & III, Res. MSC. 404(96) & MSC. 402(96)
    Requirements for Maintenance, Thorough Examination, Operational Testing, Overhaul and Repair Of Lifeboats, Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances and Release Gear.

  • SOLAS II-1, II-2, XI-1 RES. MSC. 409(97)
    Protection against Noise, II-2 Fire Fighting, XI-1 Enhanced Surveys

  • Amendments to the IGF / IGC CODES Res. MSC. 422(98) AND MSC. 411(97) Amendments to the IGF / IGC CODES

  • Amendments to the INTACT STABILITY CODE Res. MSC. 413(97), 414(97), 415(97)

  • Amendments 12-19 to SOLAS Chapter II-1, II-2 and III Res. MSC. 421(98)
    Include several changes covering topics such as application dates to parts B, B-1, B-2 and B-4, new formulas of calculation, text improvements, considerations to damage stability criteria, damage control for passenger ships, updates to Records of Certificates, among others.

  • Amendments to the HSC CODE (1994/2000) Res. MSC. 423(98), 424(98)
    HSC Code has undergone minor changes which include revisions and replacement of paragraphs who cover matters such as cases of abandonment and exemptions of rescue boats

  • Amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-1, IV and Appendix Res. MSC. 436(99)
    Existing passenger ships to comply with an onboard stability computer or shore based support to provide operational information in a flooding casualty, it also contains revised definitions and terms regarding mobile satellite service, which as consequence amend the Record of Equipment of Certificates

  • Amendments to the HSC CODE (1994/2000) Res. MSC. 438(99), 439(99)
    HSC Code is also amended to refer to generic mobile satellite system instead of Inmarsat to allow for future new providers of such services.

Implications for surveyors

Surveyors, ship-owners and ship operators should be aware and prepared for changes where new requirements are being introduced, especially regarding mandatory requirements.