Previous Documentary Evaluation (PDE)

Marine Training and Certification Centre Inc. (MTCC)

Previous Documentary Evaluation (PDE)

MTCC Branch, YAK MARITIME ACADEMY, located at Mumbai, India provides the Previous Documentary Evaluation on behalf of the Panama Maritime Authority.

Resolution ADM No. 160-2016 issued by the Panama Maritime Authority regulate this service, which consists of the preliminary review of the support documents of the request of licenses by Seafarers nationals of the Republic of India, and the Philippines, and who work on board or are willing-to-work on board of Panama-flag vessels, because these countries are those who process the higher volume of seaman’s book with the Panama Maritime Authority.

This regulation will determine the compliance of the required documentation, previous of the evaluation presided by the Regional Documentation Offices of Seafarers.

The functions of YAK Maritime Academy, as authorized Maritime Training Center, imply the verification that the applicant fulfils with all the requirements for getting the seaman’s book related to the corresponding position, including the administrative and technical requirements, experience letter or any other document that demonstrates their position on board; as well as any other requirement that the General Directorate of Seafarers of the Panama Maritime Authority have established. Once the previously mentioned has been verified, a document called Previous Documentary Evaluation certification will be issued, crediting that the all the support documentation given by the applicant has been verified.